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Sweet Candy
Sweet Candy is also thought to have therapeutic virtues, and it is used to make different dishes. This candy is very much liked and loved by kids. This comes in various flavors to give you a unique taste. This is very effective and economical and safe to use. 
Fish Shaped Pancake
Fish Shaped Pancake is filled with a sweet filling such as red bean or custard.This pancake is checked under various parameters to ensure its high quality and effectiveness. This pancake is yummy and it sounds good to me. This pancake is very easy to use and simple to consume. 
Assorted Processed Seafood Cake
Assorted Processed Seafood Cake is a product made up of simple fish cakes which are great to eat. It's a high-fish-content product with a chewy, light texture that comes in a variety of flavors and forms, making it ideal for soups and side dishes.