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Assorted Processed Seafood Cake

We are highly engaged in providing Assorted Processed Seafood Cake which is an array of processed fish cakes of various types.It's a product made up of simple fish cakes which are great to eat. This cake is a processed seafood product comprised of pulverized white fish, potato starch, sugar, and vegetables.Assorted Processed Seafood Cake is currently available in a few ranges like5 Pieces Assorted Processed Seafood Cake, and 11 Pieces Assorted Processed Seafood Cakes. It's ideal as a regular snack or a beer snack.This is thin and rectangular in shape, several shapes and flavors are also available.
Product Image (4977950610541)

11 Pieces Assorted Processed Seafood Cakes

Price: 16960 JPY ()/Carton
  • Weight:549 Grams (g)
  • Form:Solid
  • Shelf Life:240 Days
  • Pack Size:300x220x60 (mm)
  • Eggless:No
Product Image (4977950610558)

5 Pieces Assorted Processed Seafood Cake

Price: 16320 JPY ()/Carton
  • Shelf Life:240 Days
  • Eggless:No
  • Pack Size:240x220x30(mm)
  • Weight:275 Grams (g)
  • Form:Solid