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Suzuki Eikodo Co.,Ltd

We, Suzuki Eikodo Co.,Ltd. have been manufacturing and selling a broad variety of sweets, such as  chocolate, caramel, baked confectionery, Nittoh-tea, Royal Milk Tea, Candy, jelly, and other items, since our founding in 1877. We also create private-label items to fulfil customer needs, and sell Japanese sweets, frozen cakes, and sake imported from Japan. On a daily basis, all staff collaborate to supply safe and delicious Japanese candy to clients all over the world, with a focus on Japanese raw material and local Japanese products. We have been exporting to East and Southeast Asia for ten years, including Singapore, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and Vietnam, and we are now expanding to Europe and North and South America.

Customers throughout the world trust our brand Zelico to provide a diverse range of products that give thrilling and delicious delight, just like opening a box of confections. We provide a large selection of sweets in addition to our classic Zelico items. We will keep bringing exquisite Japanese flavours and ensure our growth as a manufacturer and exporter.
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All over the world, we are famous for our qualitative products and services.

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In the culinary sector, excellent ingredients are critical, and when it comes


We deal in various types of eatable items which are nutritious and tasty.

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Look for our items like Nittoh-tea, Royal Milk Tea, and get to know them.

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